Cathy Egan (Painting as Caitlin Zayne)

I have always had an interest in art and drawing since I was young. I am a qualified Chef and returned to art recently to help me cope with chronic pain by immersing myself totally in the process of creativity. All my artwork is signed with the pseudonym Caitlin Zayne.

I am drawn to a variety of subjects including Wildlife, Landscapes, Still Life and Portraits, and strive for photo realism while using over exaggerated bright colours. I think it is these colours that bring the artworks to life. My artwork is created predominately with pastel pencils and pan pastels

 My goal for the future is to share my knowledge and introduce as many artists to pastel as possible. It has been seen as an inferior medium in the past but is slowly gaining renaissance due to its pure pigment and intense colour, easy use and transportation.


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