I am a self-taught artist who has had a lot of help from fellow artists along my artist pathway. I can remember collecting pens, pencils, brushes and paints from a very young age, however, it was not until 1990 that I started painting and drawing and attended my very first painting lesson a decision which has forever changed my life.
Up until a couple of years ago my art echoed who I was as a teacher and business owner not necessarily who I was as an artist. In the past my art reflected my students’ preferences, their personalities, decorating trends and a need to full fill what the marketplace was demanding of a busy Art School trying to make ends meet.
Today I still teach to a wide variety of students who have many and varied personalities and painting preferences, however, today I concentrate what I love to paint not necessarily what my students or what the market dictates or desires.
Recently I have begun to travel to different countries, and I want to share my amazing experiences, sights, and sounds with everyone. Painting on location in ancient towns and villages or amazing landscape vistas is my ultimate passion and makes my heart soar. My mind leaves all the daily troubles and life’s difficulties behind leaving me feeling refreshed and invigorated.
I was once asked “what do you like to paint?” My answer was simply “the light”.
Light both intrigues and fascinates me, it can be subtle, or it can be brilliant. Light gives energy to my painting subjects no matter how simple that subject may be and draws us out from the darkness into its caress. It guides us, comforts us, and bedazzles our senses.
Light gives the universe form, texture, and life. It can be a simple light shaft falling on a doorway, the light caressing a child's face or the dappled sunshine descending through the trees in a forest, for me paintings without light has no stimulation of the senses.
My passion is working in pastels, however, as a teacher I work and teach in all mediums and love them all.
Art makes my heart sing…..

Landsborough Art Studio
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