Juried Competitions

The Soft Pastel Art Prize

The Soft Pastel Art Prize is an on-line annual competition which helps to promote soft pastel painting in Australia and New Zealand. The prize is exclusively for paintings predominantly completed with soft pastels and/or pastel pencils. An acquisitive first prize of $3000 cash is offered together with three minor prizes to the value of $500, $300 and $200.

All entries will be featured in an on-line exhibition.

The Soft Pastel Art Prize is sponsored, and run by, softpastels.com.au .

How do I Enter?

The competition is open for entries from 01 April to 02 June 2024.

The Prizes:

1st Prize, $3000 cash and this is an Acquisitive Award.
2nd Prize, Soft Pastel Art materials to the value of $500.
3rd Prize, Soft Pastel Art materials to the value of $300.
Staff Pick, Soft Pastel Art materials to the value of $200.

How Much Does it Cost to Enter?

$18 for each painting entered, paid at the time of entry.

The entry cost is non-refundable.

You may enter as many paintings as you like.

Are the paintings entered for sale?

You can choose whether your painting is for sale or not when it is displayed in the online exhibition. A 12.5% commission is applicable which is put towards the prize pool for future Soft Pastel Art prizes.

Competition Judges

The 2024 competition will be independently judged by Tricia Reust and Rod Bathgate for first, second and third prizes. The Staff Pick prize will be jointly decided by the staff of softpastels.com.au .


- must be over 18; and
- be a current citizen, or resident, of Australia or New Zealand.

Artwork Requirements

All entries must be a painting predominantly created using soft pastels and/or pastel pencils.

Artwork may be refused by softpastels.com.au if the origin, materials or subject is unclear or questionable.

The artwork:
- must have been painted exclusively by the entrant;
- must not have been painted more than 2 years ago;
- must not have previously won a prize in an exhibition or competition; and
- must be available for acquisition if it wins first prize.

Intellectual Property and Copyright

By entering the competition you are providing permission for softpastels.com.au to:

- display your painting as an entrant in the on-line exhibition and competition; and
- display your painting on our social media and newsletters, with the appropriate credit to you.

By entering the competition you are also confirming that you hold the copyright for the painting.

softpastels.com.au recognises that the intellectual property for your painting remains with you.

Key Dates

1. Competition entry opens on 01 April 2024 and closes on 02 June 2024.
2. Shortlisted entries and finalists notified from 10 June.
3. On-line exhibition available from 10 June 2024 onwards.