Annual Exhibition

PSA Annual Awards and Alexandra Awards 2023

The PSA Committee is pleased to report that for 2023, the Annual Awards incorporating the Alexandra Awards will include a new development.

There are two options to be considered with the main difference being that in option (E) for “Exhibition”, works will need to be framed, priced for sale, and presented for exhibiting at Pelican Waters Resort. Option (O) for “Online”, merely requires a submission of an image. Both options have a different prize schedule, and a different judge.

Members can choose to enter works across both options, for example, you might choose to enter a landscape in option (O) and a portrait and abstract in option (E) with a three-entry limit overall. Non-members can only enter one work overall.

The Pastellist of the Year is chosen from among the artists who place first in the categories from the Exhibition option, and this option’s judge will be asked to assess a consistently high standard when viewing the other entries by these artists. Therefore, the Pastellist of the Year will need to have made more than one submission in the Exhibition option.

The Alexandra Awards can only be submitted for Exhibition, that is, framed, priced, and presented for hanging.

Our sponsors, Art Spectrum, Art House Reproductions, Arthouse Northside and the Estate of Barbara Alexandra are to be thanked again for their ongoing and faithful sponsorship of the PSA.

The announcements and presentation of the prizes for these Annual Awards will occur at the Pelican Waters Resort in Caloundra, QLD, on Friday 5th of May.

The exhibition of the entries in the Exhibition will make a fabulous show, and the entries in the Online option will be exhibited on a screen at this Exhibition throughout the time of the awards. As always, we need members to come forward to be on roster for the hours that the exhibition is open.

I look forward to another wonderful Exhibition of pastel - and to showcasing the high standard achieved in the art of the members of PSA.

Tricia Reust