Nikki is a member of the Pastel Society of Australia. She is a professional artist from Warwick, Queensland and landscapes feature heavily in her collections. Besides creating her own collections of work for exhibitions, Nikki runs regular art classes for both beginning and intermediate artists.
Within her work, Nikki holds a passion for the area of which she lives and the local landscapes featured in her work have their own sense of peace and home. “My work has been created to embody the love and admiration I have for these environments. These works are small snippets of recognition, of the things that capture my attention, as I travel on my way to different destinations - Some well-travelled and well acquainted, some fleeting with everlasting, memorable impacts.” She sees the local landscapes change with the seasons and change between drought and flooding conditions; Each providing a variety of very exciting stimulus. She wants the viewer to see what she sees and feel what she feels. “When I see things such as what is depicted in these artworks, it’s as though time stops for a split second and I feel a supreme sense of bliss.”
Nikki’s latest collection entitled ‘From My Own Backyard’, will open at the Warwick Art Gallery April 15, 2023, featuring 50 artworks.

Email: nikkiwood_84@hotmail.com
Website: www.artbynikkiwood.com.au
Facebook: Art By Nikki Wood
Instagram: @artbynikkiwood

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