Beauty is in the Sky of the Beholder by Anne Yang GC0524

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We shall be designing with thumbnail/notan ideas in the form of tonal studies before drawing up on white pastel paper. Working on half sheet sized paper we shall apply watercolour underpainting and once dry apply pastel. We shall cover tone/colour/design/edges and hopefully finish 2 pastels time permitting. I shall demonstrate processes and why I underpaint with watercolour. This workshop is suitable for intermediate to experienced artists who wish to expand on their knowledge of pastel and broaden their subject matter.

If an artist is accomplished in other mediums and knows how to draw but beginner in pastel then that is ok. Drawing is so essential for proportion etc particularly figures. Knowledge in watercolour isn’t essential as we are just toning shapes so multiple coloured shapes instead of one colour all over the paper. I am thinking lux or pastel mat white paper which is expensive but colourfix is fine.

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1 Day Workshop Saturday, 1 Day Workshop Sunday, 2 Day Workshop