Beauty is in the Sky of the Beholder by Anne Yang GC0524

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Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May 2024

In painting a skyscape, the sky will be the dominant subject of our scene. We will make a pleasing composition utilizing the elements and principles of design from our reference photos. We will do some small thumbnails using graphite in a sketchbook to help us decide on our composition. I will be demonstrating on Art spectrum colourfix paper, building up the soft pastels in layers. We will cover pastel application techniques, and some colour theory, especially discussing tonal value in our work. The sky will set the mood for the painting, so an interesting sky reference photo is recommended, especially with a range of clouds. Beginners may follow my reference picture and painting process step by step, more experienced pastellists may use their own images.

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1 Day Workshop Saturday, 1 Day Workshop Sunday, 2 Day Workshop