“Portraits – strengthening the finer points” with Louise Corke SC0424

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“Portraits strengthening the finer points”

with Louise Corke

(This workshop is not suitable for beginners)

 This workshop will be an intense time of focus addressing the following:

 Refinement, greater credibility, strength, and power, these are admirable qualities to include within your portrait work.

  • Refinement – refers to attention not only to the minutia such as the flick of an eyelash, but the subtle tilt of the head, the finesse of the hand poses etc.
  • Credibility – refers to the sound structural framework of the portrait. How well has the head and body been rendered. Has credible attention been paid to constructive drawing.
  • Strength – has tone been used to hold the portrait in such a manner to create a piece of art, not just a replication of the individual.
  • Power – whether subtle or obvious, does the portrait possess a commanding presence.

Come prepared to complete exercises to sharpen and refine your portrait skills.

Intense yes, but rewarding in the long run.

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