Beginning in Pastel: A Bird in the Hand …… by Petronella van Leusden B0624

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Sunday – 9 June 2024

A hands-on experience, creating a diary of pastel techniques, are subsequently combined into a painting of a small bird.

Beginning in Pastel: A Bird in the Hand …… One day workshop by Petronella van Leusden MP Embark on a dynamic “Beginning in Pastel: A Bird in the Hand …..” workshop, blending small experiments and mini paintings to explore various pastel techniques—wetting, layering, shading, mixing and more. This hands-on experience aims to provide a broad overview and discover the possibilities and limitations of pastels, creating a valuable reference for future projects. The workshop caters to both beginners and those looking to expand their pastel skills, fostering a playful attitude towards pastel experimentation. Participants will make a workbook to document their samples and findings. The focus is on active learning rather than teaching composition, color choices, or drawing. Participants will engage in practical experiences, learning how to prepare surfaces, select colors based on tone, apply and layer pastels, mix pastels like paint, and make adjustments to their work. In the afternoon, these techniques will be combined to create a small, simple painting, emphasizing the creative process over the final product. Inspirational bird photos by Sue Rodwell will be provided for this session.

Petronella’s bio can be accessed here: Petronella van Leusden

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