Playtime Sketchbooks with Lyn Henry SC0924

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Sunday 8 September 8.30 for 9.00 AM start till 4pm

Workshop description:

During the day we will explore many forms of mark making, recording these in both journals and individually created sketchbooks. Participants will be encouraged to respond intuitively to prompts, to suspend judgement on outcomes, and most importantly, to enjoy the process.
We will use acrylic paints, oil pastels, drawing media such as charcoal, pencil, graphite, and art bars, and collage to make sketchbooks that will emphasise seeing beauty and possibility in small designs. Learning outcomes will focus primarily on the enjoyment of creating without pressure; on design elements such as composition, edges, scale, colour harmony, and tonal values. If time permits, we will look at some ways to bind our sketchbooks. The “Playtime Sketchbooks” will be art objects in themselves but can also be used as references and inspiration for developing into future paintings.
Artists who use any media are welcome.

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