B0323 Karol Oakley Tell Your Story In Pastel

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A tried-and-true technique to make a stand-out artwork that shows your unique view and style.

Course outline:
How to take a photo from being a reference, to a loose, vibrant, expressive painting that
tells a story and catches the viewer’s eye. Learn how to unlock the creative you and still be
in control! Let’s explore a simple method to paint a ‘scape that gets the tones established
ready for the colour of the pastels. It will also help us get away from copying a photo in its
entirety. Be prepared to light a fire under your art making skills and go to a new level with
confidence and anticipation for more, not making a complete painting, but rather getting it
sorted, tested and ready to explode onto the paper.
The workshop is a structured experience with demonstrations, step-by-step tutorials, Q&A
as we go, individual help and encouragement. The aim is to give you confidence,
experience and tools to get started on the path of making your own painting from a photo
and not just copying the photo as is.

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