PSA - Information on the PSA Zoom Meetings for 2023

The PSA hosts ten Zoom meetings each year, February through November, to enable and welcome the attendance of members from all over Australia and the globe.

These meetings comprise:

  • a brief announcement of PSA news
  • exhibition of submitted pastel works
  • demonstration by a pastel artist or presentation by someone in the pastel industry.

Artworks submitted for these Zoom meetings are welcomed to show other members what you are up with your pastels and as an interesting exhibition. They are judged by that month’s presenter for the awarding of a prize. If the presenter is a PSA member then that presenter is not permitted to submit a work. General members enter in one category and MPs/APs in another.

In February, March, April, May, July, August, September, and October members can submit pastel works on any theme.

General Members prize is $50 (includes a $25 Gift Certificate from Arthouse Northside). MP/AP prize is $25.

For the other two months there is a set theme. The demonstrating recognized pastel artist at these two Zoom meetings will be a non-PSA member for these awards:

The June theme is “Crowded”. Members may interpret this in an individual manner e.g., a crowded forest, fruit bowl, beach, garden, cage, abstracted assemblage of crowded colour etc.

The November theme is “Light in Shadow”. With this more technical set subject members can explore shadow as the main theme of a pastel work with the various tones and colours to be found in areas of shadow; refracted/reflected light etc.

General Members prize is $200. MP/AP prize is $100.

From 2023 it is important to note that these monthly Zoom awards do not count if you are thinking of entering the Alexandra Awards section of the PSA Annual Awards.

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